Video Brochures


Add a new dimension to your publicity campaign. Video Brochures take traditional presentation packs and give them multimedia capability.

An innovative marketing tool in their own right, they will impress, inform and engage with your clients in a new way.

Video brochures are available in various shapes and sizes to fit your requirements.

Bring your literature to life


A5 brochure with 5″ screen

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A5 brochure with 7″ screen

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A5 brochure with 10″ screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much footage can be played on a Video Brochure?

Video brochures are available in capacities from 128Mb to 4Gb, depending on the amount of storage that is needed. As a guide, this translates to approximately four minutes to over two hours of HD video playback. This amount will vary depending on the compression or bitrate of the footage.

Which file types can be played on a Video Brochure?

Video Brochures play most types of common video formats such as .mp4, .avi and .mov files. They can also play .mp3 audio files display .jpg images.

Does the brochure come with the video already loaded?

Yes, as standard it does. A cable is included with each pack so new videos can be uploaded via USB from a computer. The cable can also be used to recharge the brochures.

Can the brochures have headphone sockets?

Yes, we can add 3.5mm headphone socket to the brochures.

How big are the screens?

Our standard range includes 5″ (110mm x 62mm), 7″ (152mm x 84mm), 10″ (217mm x 136mm) displays. Other sizes are available on request.

How many buttons does each pack have and what do they do?

Each pack includes six buttons. These are: volume up, volume down, play, pause, fast forward & rewind. These do not all have to be activated and can be hidden by the brochure artwork.