Short-run Duplication

Although there are now multiple ways to distribute music, revenue from physical formats still exceeds that from downloads and streaming combined. The market has undeniably changed and whereas CDs used to be produced in thousands every time, now smaller quantities are often the order of the day. The difficulty with this is that traditional manufacture is not well-suited to producing fewer than a thousand units at a time. A different approach is needed to fill this gap.
CDs can be manufactured in one of two ways; replication and duplication. Whilst the first is ideal when thousands of discs are needed, the latter is perfect for smaller quantities, typically between 50-1000 units. Rather than being a mass-production process, with short-run CD duplication, discs are printed and then duplicated individually.

Apart from the Method of Manufacture, What is the Difference?

In short, very little. Both methods are printed the same way, they look the same and of course play identically. The important thing is that you choose what is best for you and your project. If your CD requirement is in the hundreds rather than the thousands, short-run duplication is full of benefits.

 The Advantages of Short-run Duplication

  • short-run-duplicationLower risk. As short-run duplication allows you to order smaller quantities of discs, your outlay is just a fraction of what it would otherwise be. Just order the amount that you need and you know that you can sell. Once those stocks are running low you can quickly and easily order another batch exactly the same. You’ll never end up out of pocket or with excess stock on your hands.
  • No Storage. Whether you pay for warehouse space or store it yourself, excess stock takes up room which can be inconvenient and sometimes expensive. How much better to be able to order what you need, when you need it?
  • High Quality. Alpha Duplication is an ISO 9001 quality certified company. Producing discs and packaging that meets, and hopefully exceeds, our customers’ expectations is the foundation of our success. Our discs are often used for music promos where creating a great impression is vital.
  • Packaging. You may think that producing smaller quantities would limit the variety of packaging that is available to you. You’d be mistaken. We have a full range of packaging options including jewel cases, discpacks and card wallets. Even bespoke packaging and printed tins can be efficiently produced in small quantities. To see what is on offer visit our DiscPack90 site. All items are available from 50 units upwards.

Of course duplication does not replace the need for replication in all cases. In fact Alpha Duplication still replicate many thousands of discs each month. But where fewer CDs are needed, duplication is your way forward.

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