UV Printing

Ideal for producing stunning packaging or merchandise, our UV printer can customise just about anything

UV printing is a durable full-colour printing method, with a host of applications.  Not only is it incredibly versatile, but most importantly, the results are absolutely stunning.

  • Full colour (CMYK plus white) and gloss or matt varnishes
  • Clear varnishes can be layered to produce embossed effects
  • Print to virtually any surface including acrylic, wood, metal, plastic and leather
  • Can print on flat, curved or bumpy surfaces. (Golf balls are not a problem!)
  • A maximum print surface of 500mm x 320mm surface. Objects can be up to 100mm deep
  • A limitless list of possible applications including: tin packaging, USB sticks, pens, badges, phone covers and signage … and that’s just for starters

Check out the images below or give our Sales Team a call on 0800 731 7042 to see some samples.

UV printing - Plectrum and guitar scratchplate

UV Printed Guitar Scratchplate and Plectrum

UV printing - CD C-Shell

UV Printed – C-Shell

UV printing

UV Printed CD Jewel Case (varnish only)

UV printing

UV Printed Round Tin

UV printing

UV Printed Rectangular Tin

USB Duplication Credit Card

USB duplication & printing

For card packaging, take a look at our CD packaging, DVD packaging pages, or our sister site at www.discpack90.com