CD DVD Jakebox Printing

If you’re looking to attract customers to your product in a retail environment; if you’re looking to sell your product in significant numbers and particularly if the competition is hot in your industry then you definitely can’t go wrong if you go for the WOW factor that comes as standard with a CD Jakebox or DVD Jakebox.

The jakebox is a modern, patented, award-winning and eco friendly packaging concept for CD, DVD and BluRay discs. The most significant characteristic of the CD Jakebox, is the folded “claw” that holds the CD or DVD and, in a particularly impressive and eye-catching way, unfolds itself, presenting the disc to the user, lifting the disc up and making it easily accessible.

Jakebox Printing – The Selling Point

Commercial CD or DVD releases have been proven to sell in greater numbers, when packaged in a CD Jakebox instead of more traditional CD or DVD packaging such as jewel cases or standard Amaray style DVD cases. Side by side with a jewelcase packaged version, the CD JakeBox packaged version has sold out far more quickly, despite its having a slightly higher cost.

The artwork and packaging design team at Alpha Duplication would be more than happy to talk you through the many benefits of using a CD Jakebox or DVD Jakebox as the packaging style for your project. We can very quickly help you put together a fantastically eye-catching design based on the jakebox concept and help you to ensure that your product stands out on the shelf next to your competitor’s offerings.

Not only is the CD jakebox or DVD jakebox a wonderfully striking packaging idea, it’s also as eco friendly as it gets:

• The jake box is made of 100% recyclable or even recycled carton board or paper, and is always
   printed with vegetable inks.

• The jakebox weighs less than a third as much as the traditional plastic packaging alternatives
   thereby dramatically cutting your shipping and storage costs.

• They are amazingly robust and are not at risk of breaking if the product is dropped unlike your
   typical jewel case which is prone to cracking and, particularly, hinge damage.

• The CD jakebox or DVD jakebox offers you unlimited design options so you can really go to town
   with your design ideas. They also come in a range of unprinted or generic printed versions which
   can be adapted and modified to your requirements using stickers, for example.

Artwork Supply

If you have your own in-house design team then artwork can be forwarded to us on a CD or DVD, by email or by fast upload to our FTP server. You can choose to speak to one of our Sales Account Managers for more information about our accepted artwork formats or take a look at our Specification Sheets page on this website.