Custom CD Packaging

Custom CD packaging created in-house at market leading prices

With some projects, standard CD packaging just doesn’t satisfy requirements. If your end product is going into a very competitive market place or if the end user is expecting something a bit special or out of the ordinary, then talk to a member of our design team. At Alpha Duplication, our designers have been working with custom CD packaging for many years and, in most cases, have been doing so since CDs started to become a popular format in the 1980’s.
Your custom CD packaging ideas can be brought to life in a wide variety of ways. We can perform metallic or fluorescent screen printing onto CDs or packaging, produce custom shaped or enhanced card or plastic packaging or modify a traditional CD packaging format to suit your purposes.

Custom CD packaging

Custom CD Packaging for “Greatest Hits” and “Anthology” releases

We are often asked to design and produce custom CD packaging for special audio releases such as “greatest hits” projects or “anthologies”. These types of releases often contain far more CDs and printed text content than a standard release because there tend to be more tracks on the recording and often more accompanying information about the musicians and how, where and why the track was written and recorded in the first place.

The cost of these releases tends to be higher as well and the end user will be expecting something a bit special for their money. In these cases a standard CD jewel case probably wouldn’t be enough. A customised CD digipack, however, can be configured to contain more discs and also designed to accommodate more information in the form of printed booklets. This custom CD packaging can also receive a high gloss or matt laminated finish for a really classy, expensive looking end product that the end user can be proud to have in their CD collection and which can also become very collectable.
Another popular custom CD packaging option is the “Jakebox” which is a very cleverly designed printed cardboard package with a “pop up” mechanism that operates when the package is opened. The CD itself is held in a card “claw” and as the package is opened (from left to right just like a book cover) the CD is lifted forward and presented to the user. The overall effect is impressive and well worth consideration where the product “WOW” factor is important.

High Quality, Affordable Custom CD Packaging

Although custom CD packaging usually tends to be more expensive than traditional CD packaging options, at Alpha Duplication we produce CD packaging and indeed custom CD packaging in large volumes day in and day out. Therefore, our CD packaging production systems are streamlined and ultra efficient which means that we are able to keep the costs down and pass the savings on to our customers whilst supplying high quality products with amazingly fast lead times.
If you have an idea of what packaging you would like but don’t know whether it’s possible to make it, simply give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch and we’ll give you honest, no obligation advice and do all we can to help.
If you already know what design you would like on your custom CD packaging but can’t do the graphics yourself, give us a call and we’ll be able to do it for you. For a small fee we can prepare the design for your custom CD packaging so that you don’t have to worry whether everything is in the right format and the right size. The design of your project could be the difference between it being a success or a failure, remember, first impressions count.
Why not let Alpha help you create the stunning first impression you are after with our range of printed custom CD packaging solutions?