CD Cover Printing

We provide CD Cover Printing in-house at industry leading prices

At Alpha Duplication, we know that your CD covers are not only necessary for shielding your discs from surface damage, but that the packaging that you choose is also vital for the presentation of your CD project. That initial impression created by top quality CD cover printing will certainly deliver that essential “WOW” factor to your client or end user.

We have endeavoured to bring all of our high quality printed packaging in-house so that we can provide a super fast CD cover printing solution for your CD project. Our screen and digitally printed CD covers will fit a standard 120 mm CD, however, if you need bespoke CD cover printing, we’re the company to talk to. Our designers are experts in CD cover manufacture and presentation and can be relied upon to give you the very best support and advice for your project.

CD Cover Printing

Our CD cover printing is available in full colour and with pin sharp print resolution. If you would like any advice with regards to what cover design will best suit your individual project, simply call our expert design team, they’re very friendly and they’ll give you sound, honest advice without obligation.

The objective driving us to carry out our CD cover printing in-house, was to provide a service which is as cost effective as possible for our clients. Our printed CD covers offer great value for money and are an extremely effective upgrade from a plastic or paper CD cover for your discs.

Whether you need a CD cover printing service, standard or slimline jewel cases with digitally printed paper inserts or packaging that’s a little more distinctive, such as a Jakebox or even bespoke packaging designed to your specific requirements, we can assist at a surprisingly low cost.

In-house Graphic Design for CD Cover Printing

If you’ve already decided upon the design you would prefer with regards to your CD cover printing project, but don’t have access to your own graphic design team, then feel free to use ours. For a low fee we can prepare high resolution artwork for your printed CD cover so that you don’t have the concern of whether the artwork is in the correct format and at the correct resolution for print. The artwork for your CD cover printing project is one of the most important factors, remember, first impressions are of paramount importance.

Why not let Alpha Duplication assist you in creating the best possible first impression?