One at a time please ladies & gentlemen!

CD Manufacturing on demand

At Alpha Duplication we realise that not everyone wants to order hundreds or thousands of discs. That’s why we created our MOQ1 manufacturing on demand service.

What Is It?

MOQ1 simply means your Minimum Order Quantity is just 1 disc, fully packed and retail ready!

Is it just for CDs?

No, MOQ1 works for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

How does it work?

It’s easy. All we need is your master and artwork. We register you on our secure MOQ1 system, give you a unique catalogue number and you’re ready to sell your discs, one by one, whenever and wherever suits you.

Tell me more

Think of it as your infinite warehouse. You don’t need to order anything until you’ve sold it. If you currently sell your discs online using Amazon, Ebay or your own website you no longer need to mass produce and hold inventory. Simply list your CD, DVD or Blu-ray and every time you make a sale we make a disc, pack it and send it direct to your customer.Seamlessly and quickly.

Sounds simple enough. Is it expensive?

We don’t think so. Of course if you want to buy thousands of CDs the unit cost is lower. Consequently if we’re making one at a time the unit cost will be higher. But if you’re making thousands of CDs it’s likely that you’re selling via traditional distribution channels at a low price and making pennies rather than pounds. If you’re selling direct to your customer and cutting out the man in the middle then you’ll be making pounds not pennies!

OK, I get it but who is it for?

Well the complete list would be very long but here’s a taster…

  • It’s for everyone that owns content.
  • It’s for record labels that have a catalogue of titles, new, old or deleted. Especially deleted, dust them down, dig them out and put them online – we’ll make them!
  • It’s for software companies that need to sell a physical disc as an optional extra for a download. We all download software now, of course we do. We want it instantly. But some of us love the security of a physical back-up just in case….
  • It’s for independent video labels that have oodles of content but it’s just way too expensive to host it online. “Hi is that Apple? I’d, like to sell my DVD of Fly Fishing in Scotland on iTunes please” “Certainly Sir, that’ll be 40% of your revenue please….”
  • It’s for bands, schools and training companies – and it might just be for you!

It is a long list and we could go on but ultimately we think everyone and anyone that owns content could use our MOQ1 service. If you’re curious and want to find out more why not get in touch.