Mini CD Printing and Duplication

What are mini CDs?

As well as the standard size 120mm CD, at Alpha Duplication we also print and duplicate onto mini CD or 80 mm CD. Mini CDs are generally used to supply software to customers who are purchasing an item that requires software to access some of it’s capabilities. A great example where a mini CD might be supplied with a product is a digital camera. The mini CD would contain the software that the camera needs to communicate with a PC to enable download of images from the camera memory onto your PC or laptop hard drive where they can be manipulated to your requirements.

A mini CD is a cost effective, compact and lightweight solution in all sorts of situations where the product supplied with it needs to be packaged in a small container that would not accept a standard size disc. Mini CDs are a very popular medium for inclusion in promotional brochures and other marketing materials. The vast majority of PC CD drives in modern computers have a well in the disc holding tray to accommodate the smaller size mini CD. The only type of drive where a mini CD might cause a problem may be an older direct feed type of drive such as the type found in car stereo systems. A Mini CD holds 20 minutes of CD-DA audio data or 180MB of software data which is, more often than not, perfectly adequate for digital camera software or pdf instruction documents.

We are very proud to be able to claim that we can provide the largest scale mini CD printing and duplication service available in the UK and our on-site litho printing, screen printing and digital printing services guarantee our customers a professional, high end quality printed mini CD every time for duplicated, or blank mini CDs.

mini CD

Our well tuned systems built upon many years of experience within the CD and DVD printing and duplication industry, mean that we are able to supply an tremendously comprehensive range of mini CD related products with packaging and paper parts printing systems all on-site. We also have an extremely flexible mini CD printing and mini CD duplication facility to assist our customers, so should you only require 100 mini CDs, there won’t be any compromise or settling for an inferior quality end product over customers who order larger batches of mini CDs. Mini CDs provided by Alpha Duplication, are versatile and will equally receive a screen, litho or digital print, in fact, Alpha Duplication is the only UK specialist able to provide all of these printing methods on the same site.

If you have already designed the artwork for your mini CD project but don’t have the time or the very latest graphic design software to produce a print ready finished version, call the Alpha design team and we’ll get you on the right at an affordable rate. We can complete your design, or start from scratch, for any type of mini CD packaging, whether it’s a standard type of packaging or a completely custom design. If you’re looking for inspiration, we have worked on thousands of different mini CD projects and can certainly make some suggestions based on huge experience.

Alpha Duplication has the ultimate team to work alongside you or your project team to create that fantastic first impression that you need with our industry leading mini CD printing and mini CD duplication service. So call today on 0800 731 7042 and join our ever growing group of delighted customers.