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At Alpha Duplication we try to ensure our customers are legally covered for all duplication work for audio material that we undertake. In most cases we will require an MCPS licence giving us the relevant authorisation required to reproduce your material.

We also know that not all material is registered with MCPS and as such we can discuss the legalities of that situation on request.

We hold on file blank Application For Licence forms provided by MCPS. Just ask and we can send through the forms for you to complete prior to duplication taking place. Telephone (01494) 536646 for further information or


Below are a few introductory notes taken from ‘A Guide to the MCPS AP.2 Agreement’. For further information please visit the MCPS web site at or telephone (0208) 378 7744.

MCPS The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd.

MCPS is owned by the Music Publishers’ Association and act on behalf of composer and publisher members. MCPS negotiates agreements with those who wish to record music, ensuring the copyright owners are rewarded for the use of their music. MCPS collect and then distribute the ‘mechanical’ royalties which are generated from the recording of music onto many different formats, including CDs, cassettes, videos, audio visual and broadcast material.

Copyright – Why You Need A Licence

As soon as an original piece of music is written or recorded, copyright protection begins. Among other things, this means that the writer (or his/her publisher if they have one) has the right to determine who can make recordings of their work and under what terms.

These rights are enshrined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA). This Act gives copyright owners certain exclusive rights:

  • To copy the work
  • To issue copies of the work to the public
  • To perform, show or play the work in public
  • To broadcast the work or include it in a cable programme service
  • To make an adaptation of the work or do any of the above in relation to an adaptation

Any person who does, or authorises another to do any of these acts without consent from the copyright owner, infringes copyright.

If anybody wishes to carry out and of the restricted acts, they have to ask permission from the copyright owner. This could be an extremely onerous procedure if the ‘user’ of the music has to first of all find out who and where the owner is and then negotiate permission to use the music and obtain the necessary mechanical licence on an individual work-by-work basis.

Collecting Societies

However, copyright owners have grouped together and formed collective organisations in order to licence their music and to collect and distribute the subsequent royalties. By choosing MCPS as their agent in this way, copyright owners have ensured that record companies and other music users can get most, usually all, of the mechanical licences they need from one single source.