CD, DVD & Blu-ray Screen Printing

Screen printing is the original method of printing high quality, bold colours directly onto the surface of a CD or DVD. For artwork designs that have specific Pantone colour references or bold colours, it remains the most effective.

Our on-site CD and DVD screen printing machines can print a maximum of six colours (including a white base, if required) to your disc, either as Pantone colours, CMYK, or even a combination of both.

At Alpha Duplication we take great pride in the quality of our CD screen printing. Our two fully automated printers have the capacity to print over 250,000 high quality discs every day.

The CD Screen Printing Process

The CD Screen printing process involves producing a mesh screen for each of the colours involved in the design to be printed. Each screen is hand made and will only allow ink to be applied to the disc in a particular area where that colour is required, the rest of the disc is blocked off. The mesh in each screen is very fine which allows for crisp, sharp edges in your artwork.

If there is any white involved in the artwork on your disc, then a white base coat is printed first on your CD or DVD using a screen which allows the ink to pass through and cover the entire surface of the disc.

Each of the 6 colours are applied to the disc at 6 revolving stations on the machine. As each station revolves, the disc passes under a UV lamp which cures the ink applied to the disc at the previous station. The whole process is completed very quickly for each disc which makes CD screen printing a very fast and efficient method for getting a highly professional result.

CD Screen printing allows us to use specialist inks, so if you would like your disc to have metallic or fluorescent colours, or maybe even a matt varnish – then this is the process to use.

Screen printing is available on all disc formats and in conjunction with our duplication services. Please see our pages about CD duplication and DVD duplication for more information. We also offer offset litho printing and digital printing for CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Artwork can be supplied via disc, email or FTP. Please speak to your Sales Account Manager for further details.

Disc Printing Gallery

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Screen Printed CD – The People The Poet

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Litho Printed CDs Jon Lord Concerto for Group and Orchestra