CD Digital Printing & DVD Digital Printing


If you just need a handful of discs where screen or litho printing is impractical, we offer a high quality digital inkjet printing service.

Very often, some of our customers find themselves working on a project where they have a requirement for printed CDs or DVDs but they only need a short run. Screen printing or litho printing a small batch of discs can work out to be quite costly due to the fixed project set-up costs involved. As an alternative to screen or litho printing, Alpha Duplication also offers a CD digital printing or DVD digital printing option.

No Quality Compromise

Using CD digital printing and DVD digital printing most certainly does not mean that our clients have to settle for an inferior product when compared with screen printed or litho printed discs. All discs are printed at 2400dpi onto a specially treated inkjet receptive surface. This is a very high resolution print which means that detailed photographic images can be easily printed with amazing results and no loss of integrity. The digitally printed CD or DVD is then coated with a clear lacquer to seal the print, preventing the possibility of smudging and giving a hard wearing, professional glossy or matt finish.

State of the art CD digital printing and DVD digital printing technology

The digital printing system used at Alpha Duplication is set up specifically for the printing of CDs or DVDs with the specially treated printing surface. The required quantity of blank discs is loaded onto the first spindle on the printer and each disc is automatically picked up and placed onto the print tray which then passes through the printer whilst a print head moves quickly back and forth over the disc applying the ink in lines in much the same way as a regular inkjet printer prints onto paper. When the disc is printed it is then picked up and placed onto a second “completed discs” spindle by the automated robotic arm system. The automated pick and place system eliminates any possibility of marking of either surface of the CD or DVD.

CD digital printing and DVD digital printing is a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) print process and is especially good for photographic designs. Unlike screen or litho printing, set up cost is minimal and therefore we have no minimum order quantity for inkjet printing.

Your CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs can also be offset litho or silk-screen printed.

High resolution artwork can be supplied via disc, email or FTP. Please speak to your Sales Account Manager for further details.