Custom CD Printing

If you have multiple CD or DVD software titles or regular updates of just one or two titles then custom CD printing could be the most economical and professional solution to your needs.

Firstly, when carrying out custom CD printing, we print a generic design to a batch of blank CDs using any of our standard processes. The more custom CDs we print, the cheaper the unit cost for you. Then we coat each CD with a thermal lacquer. This lacquer coating allows us to overprint to the surface of the CD during the production print cycle. This is especially useful where unique or individual text is required, such as disc revision numbers, batch numbers or incremental serial numbers.

The overprinting is carried out using thermal print technology at 600dpi giving sharp clear text reproduction at a minimal cost.

With custom CD printing, the generic design can be anything you choose, the only consideration being that you may need to allow room for the additional text to be printed.

If you have the capability to overprint the discs yourself, we are more than happy to provide a batch of printed generic discs. We can add ‘Magic Mark’ registration, if required, and an overprint-receptive coating to cover part or the whole of your disc.

Artwork for custom CD printing can be supplied via disc, email or FTP. Please speak to your Sales Account Manager for further details

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Custom CD Printing