Short Run CD Duplication

Our in-house, state of the art printing, duplication and packaging systems allow for super-fast short run CD duplication

Short Run CD Duplication

Short Run CD Duplication – Fast Delivery

Your requirement for short run CD duplication and your need for an ultra-quick turnaround time will be more than satisfied by our short run CD duplication service. We are proud to be able to offer one of the UK’s most extensive CD duplication facilities enabling us to offer amazingly fast turnaround times and nicely affordable service costs.

We can carry out short run CD duplication for the following disc formats:

  • Standard 120mm CDs
  • Mini 80mm CDs
  • Business Card Rectangular CDs
  • Bespoke Design Shaped CDs

How our short run CD duplication system works

As well as catering for the mass production market where we could be printing upwards of 20,000 CDs for one job, it is equally as important for a professional CD duplication business to be able supply a short run CD duplication service as there is a huge requirement for such a service.
Whether it’s short notice company data transfer or a band looking get their music noticed, Alpha Duplication acknowledged from the outset that we have to be able to cost effectively cater for the short run CD duplication market.
So, we devised a completely in-house system for CD printing, duplication and packaging .
Depending upon the number of CDs required, we either digitally print (ink jet), screen print or litho print the CDs first. Typically, a run of less than 100 discs is digitally printed. There is most certainly no quality compromise with any of our printing processes, it’s simply a matter of supplying the most cost effective service that we can.
Following printing, the CDs are then transferred to our short run CD duplication suite. We have duplication towers set up here specifically assigned to the task. The CDs are then transferred to the duplication suite on a spindle and are quickly loaded into the duplication tower using an automated robotic arm system.
The robotic arm uses vacuum cups to pick and place the discs, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the disc surface upon handling.
The CD duplication drives are similar to the optical drive units found in a desktop PC. They are controlled by a central master unit which contains the master CD to be duplicated. By using many duplication towers in conjunction with each other, a short run CD duplication job can be completed very quickly indeed.
Once the duplication process is completed, the CDs are then transferred back onto a spindle for delivery to the packaging line which is set up and ready to go according to the schedule.
Our printing systems only use recognised worldwide industry standard processes, silk screen printing, offset litho printing and digital CD printing. We are the only short run CD duplication specialist in the UK who have systems for all these printing methods on our premises. This allows us to keep both cost and lead times to an absolute minimum.