mastering & authoring

Mastering and/or authoring is the process of burning your data to a disc that can then be used as your master

DVD and Blu-ray Video Authoring

We offer a range of options for DVD and Blu-ray video authoring designed to meet both your requirements and your budget using industry standard software tools and equipment.

Generally, all we need is your video footage supplied in an appropriate format**, along with a brief to get us started. Building your complete DVD can include some or all of the following:

  • Video Encoding
  • Video Editing
  • Branded Menu Creation
  • Looping
  • PAL / NTSC Conversion

We believe that DVD and Blu-ray video authoring can be quite a personal experience so we

encourage you to give us as much information in your brief as possible, or better still, come in and talk through your project expectations with our team.

**Acceptable formats are: DigiBeta, DV-Cam, Mini DV-Cam, uncompressed video such as .avi & .mov files. DVD ready (pre-encoded) .m2v & .wav files are also acceptable. It may be possible to work with other formats such as a pre-authored DVD, compressed video – mpeg-1 files, but quality is not guaranteed and authoring time may be longer than quoted.

Blu-ray video authoring formats differ, please visit the Blu-ray Authoring page for more info.

CD Audio Authoring

For audio CDs we can embed ISRCs and/or CD text, edit play order and track listings, compile and master CDs for duplication from multiple sources**, rip audio files and supply MP3 files in various compression modes and file sizes.



Also, we are an official Gracenote partner, which means that by using your ISRC codes and with a little info from you we can register your album on the Gracenote database ensuring your CD is recognised worldwide on applications such as iTunes.

And if that’s not enough, we can author an Enhanced CD for you. An Enhanced CD is a combination of both audio and data. So if your musical masterpiece doesn’t fill the full 80-minute, 700MB capacity of the disc, we can add some data that can be accessed by your fan’s PC or Mac. Maybe a splash menu page with links to your website or MySpace page, or your lyrics as printable PDFs. We can even encode your band’s music video to mpeg-1 or QuickTime format to be played on any computer.

Please note that we are unable to do any audio editing, mixing, mastering or level-adjustments, but if you are looking for an engineer to polish up your tracks, please visit the UK Music Directory for help in finding one in your area.

**Audio Sources:

Best – .wav, .aiff or an Audio CD.

Better – High bitrate .mp3

Not Recommended: .cda files.

CD Mastering and Authoring

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Data Authoring

For data CDs we can add an autorun feature, create HTML or PDF splash pages and menus, turn documents into hi-res PDFs complete with secure encryption and password restricted functionality, create mpeg-1 video footage for playback on Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime and much more!