Copy protection for DVD

Our exclusive DVD copy protection encryption system for DVD video is now available for both replicated and recorded media

We can protect your DVD or DVD-R video discs from unauthorised duplication and ripping using our unique encryption and duplication service carried out on-site by our expert technical team.

Our DVD copy protection system works by surrounding the video files with a small “wrapper” that confuses DVD burning and ripping software, making programs see a blank disc. This “wrapper” is transparent to all set-top and computer DVD players. As the original DVD audio and video files are not encoded at all, playability in all devices is unaffected.

Independent tests have shown that our ALPHA:Protect DVD copy protection system safeguards your disc against unauthorised copying using ripping software including Magic DVD copier, Nero OEM Suite, CloneDVD, Easy DVD Copier, Smart Ripper, MAC The Ripper, MediaFork and many others.

We’re confident you can benefit from the increased security offered by Alpha:Protect-R so we offer to protect a sample disc for you completely free. All we need from you is an unprotected copy of your video DVD and we will do the rest. To take advantage of this offer please contact one of our sales team or click here to complete a contact form and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.

Copy Protection

  • for recorded media
  • available from one copy upwards
  • for larger quantities on replicated media

We also offer copy protection solutions for:

  • CD-ROM (data)
  • CD-DA (audio)
  • DVD-ROM (data)