CD, DVD &­ Blu-ray ­Duplication

Our disc duplication and replication service covers all types of optical media, whatever the quantity.

CD Audio

Audio CD Duplication Selection

Perfectly produced CDs.
Looking every bit as good as they sound.

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CD duplication

DVD & Blu-ray Video

Video Blu-ray Duplication

Reliable and picture perfect.
All video formats covered.

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Video DVD & Blu-ray

Data Discs

Data CD & DVD Selection

Whatever you want copying…
All formats and capacities.

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Data CD, DVD & Blu-ray

CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplication Gallery (see more)

CD Duplication Litho Print The People The Poet

Screen Printed CD – The People The Poet

CD Duplication - Digitally Printed CD

Digitally Printed CD Harper Velvet EP

CD Duplication - Litho Printed CDs - Jon Lord

Litho Printed CDs Jon Lord Concerto for Group and Orchestra

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of packaging are available for my disc?

We have a vast range of packaging available for CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. As well all the familiar off-the-shelf products such as CD jewel cases and DVD cases, we have a whole disc packaging website dedicated to the products we produce here.

What is the difference between disc duplication and replication?

Optical media can be manufactured in two different ways; duplication and replication. Replication is a mass manufacturing process, ideal where thousands of discs are needed. This sometimes known as CD pressing. Duplication on the other hand is far faster and more flexible and discs can be manufactured in much smaller quantities if necessary.
Alpha provide both duplication and replication services and choosing the appropriate method largely comes down to the quantity of discs that you require and the timescales that you need them in.

How are the duplicated CDs printed?

We have three distinct methods of disc printing. Screen printing, is the original way of printing CDs. It uses either CMYK (full colour) or Pantone (specific colour) inks and renders vibrant colours brilliantly. Litho printing uses CMYK colours for highly detailed perfect photographic images. Digital Printing is also a full-colour high-resolution print method and is best suited to smaller quantities. All finishes provide a hard wearing, professional print for your CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.

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