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At Alpha Duplication, we utilise two types of CD Production process. These two processes are CD duplication and CD replication and they are often either mixed up or are presumed to be the same thing. In actual fact, each one is a very different process from the other and here is a quick summary of the main differences.

Process 1: CD Duplication
This process of CD Production involves the procurement of blank CD-Rs (CD Recordables). The CDRs that we buy in, have a silver printing surface which can receive a direct screen or lithographic print and a silver recording surface.

The initial part of the process involves printing onto the CDRs using the most appropriate of three printing methods available in-house at Alpha Duplication. These CD printing methods are lithographic printing, screen printing and digital or inkjet printing.

Once the CDRs have been printed, the next stage of this CD Production process is the actual CD duplication process itself. The printed CDRs are introduced to duplication towers which are units containing multiple optical CD burning drives similar to the drives found in a desktop PC unit. These optical drives are all controlled by a single central master drive or control unit. The master CD is loaded into this controlling drive and then the master data contained on it is transferred to all of the other CD duplication tower drives. The size and urgency of the job dictates how many towers need to be networked together to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

The whole process is automated with CDRs being loaded and unloaded from the optical drive towers by mechanical means to avoid potential damage to the printed surface of the CD, thus CD duplication is the quickest method of producing highly professional short to medium sized runs of CDs. As a job approaches or requires more than 2000 discs and provided that the deadline for CD Production is not overly tight, our next method of CD Production would be the preferred route.

Method 2: CD Replication
CD Replication is a very different CD Production method from CD duplication. This process requires the manufacture of a “glass master” disc which contains the data from the master file and which is then used as a template for the injection moulding of many thousands of CDs. These copies can then receive a print using the screen, lithographic or digital printing processes as mentioned previously, although due to the quantities of CDs produced during a normal CD replication run, the digital printing process would be cost prohibitive.

The time consuming process of manufacturing the glass master disc means that CD replication as a CD Production process takes considerably longer than CD duplication even though the injection moulding part of the process is fast, but there is a cost saving to be made when multiple thousands of CDs are required.

The most appropriate CD Production process to use is decided at the initial project planning stage and depends upon project deadlines and the project budget.

If you need more technical information on our CD Production processes or would like to find out whether CD replication or CD duplication is more suited to your own project, click here for CD REPLICATION or CD DUPLICATION

If you would a no obligation discussion about which type of CD Production method will be most applicable for your project, why not contact a member of the expert Alpha Duplication team? We’re a highly professional and knowledgeable bunch and we employ many of the UKs foremost CD production industry experts on our team who will be happy to assist with the best advice about which CD Production process is normally used for your type of project and which process would better or more cost effective.

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