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Welcome to the UK’s Pioneering CD Printing Service

Alpha Duplication is the UK’s largest CD printing service provider and the pioneering company with regards to CD lithographic printing in the UK. We have a long standing reputation for delivering the highest quality CD printing service with quick, reliable turnaround times to companies across the UK and Worldwide.

Over our many years of operation, we have built up an enviable reputation for fast, reliable and highly professional CD printing services.

We’re proud to be able to say that we have the most comprehensive range of CD printing services anywhere in the UK, including in-house litho printing, screen printing and digital printing. This gives us the ability to provide rapid turnaround, first-class, retail-quality printing for duplicated, or blank media, in-house, without any delays.

We print:

  • Standard 12cm CD-R
  • Mini 8cm CD-R
  • Business Card CD-R
  • Custom Shaped CD-R

Being the only CD printing service to have litho, screen and digital printing on-site gives us a huge amount of flexibility, so even if you only want 100 CDs, you don’t have to settle for a lower quality end product.

CD Printing Service

We’re very proud of our extensive customer base, we provide our CD printing service to small businesses and multi national corporations alike, whether you need 100 CDs or 100,000 CDs, we can help (check out our on-site blog to view some of our client testimonials).


Our CD printing service is all-encompassing and, as mentioned, we proudly provide the following cutting edge printing technologies:

CD Screen Printing

When your CD design contains areas of solid, bold colours, such as for a business or brand or perhaps just some text in a stylised font, we recommend our CD screen printing process. Our on-site screen printing machines enable us to print up to 6 different colours onto a CD which includes amazingly effective metallic inks or a matt finish lacquer to be used in conjunction with a gloss finish for some great printing effects.

The screen printing process involves the production of a mesh screen for each of the separate colours that make up the completed design. These mesh screens are then fastened to a frame at each of the 6 stations on the rotating platform of the screen printing machine. Each printing station applies a different ink colour to the CD as it revolves around the platform and in between each station the previously applied layer of ink is cured by an Ultraviolet (UV) light.

The CD screen printing process is fantastically efficient and enables us to print more than 3500 CDs per hour on each of our CD screen printing machines.

CD Lithographic Printing

We also have lithographic printing machines on-site at Alpha and we were the pioneering company that brought this CD printing technology to the UK. CD litho printing enables us to print detailed, photographic artwork onto a CD with pin-sharp, high resolution image quality.

The CD litho printing process requires the production of four printing plates for each of the base colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) using the completed artwork image as a template. The lithographic plates are then used to produce an inked image on a sheet of rubber which is adhered to an application cylinder. The rubber sheet then rolls over the CDs as they are introduced to the machine which transfers the inked image onto the discs in our completely automated litho printing press. The four separate colours are applied using each base colour plate in differing amounts where they blend to produce the final colour image. If there is white ink used within the final design, a white base is laid down onto the disc initially before the litho print CMYK base colours are applied.

Digital CD Printing

As well as large runs of discs, we print many small batches (short runs) of discs every day, so we also offer a digital CD printing process which prints onto a CD in the same way that an inkjet printer prints onto paper to produce a high definition image which then has a layer of clear lacquer applied, to provide a glossy, high quality finish. This CD printing process is used for producing small batches where the machine set-up time would make screen or litho printing inefficient as the set-up time for digital printing is very quick (no screens or plates are necessary) but not so where larger quantities of CDs are involved as the print time per disc is slower.

With Alpha Duplication having in-house facilities for CD litho printing, CD screen printing, CD digital printing, CD packaging printing, CD graphic design and much more, you won’t find the requirement to go anywhere else. Our printing processes utilise the very latest in CD printing technology to produce an extremely high quality end product, regardless of the CD printing process used and our ongoing, large scale capital investment in our systems ensures that we always stay one step ahead of our competitors whilst providing our customers with a superior product in double quick time.

Give a member of the Alpha team a call today to enquire about our market leading CD printing service, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how low our prices are and the speed with which we can manufacture and deliver your discs.

With Alpha Duplication having in-house facilities for CD litho printing, CD screen printing, CD digital printing, CD packaging printing, CD graphic design and much more, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

Why not let Alpha Duplication help you create a fantastic first impression with our market leading CD printing service?

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