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CD Printing London

Alpha Duplication is the UK’s largest CD printing specialist located just outside London. We have a long standing reputation for delivering the highest quality printed CDs and packaging with quick, reliable turnaround times to companies within London, the UK and across Europe.

CD Printing London

CD Printing London – Our CD Printing Services

CD Screen Printing

We provide a range of CD printing services for our clients, whether for an individual or a multi-national business we can cater for any size of order.

Where your disc design consists of bold colours, for example in a company or band logo or maybe just some eye-catching text, we would recommend CD screen printing. Our screen printers allow us to print up to 6 separate colours onto your CD including specialist metallic inks or matt finish lacquer.

The process involves the production of a mesh screen for each individual colour making up your finished design. These meshes are then fixed to a frame at each of the 6 stations on a rotating platform. Each station applies a different colour of ink to your CD as it moves around the platform and between each station the layer of ink is cured using a UV light lamp.

The process is amazingly efficient and allows us to produce in excess of 3500 CDs per hour on each of our CD screen printing machines.

CD Lithographic Printing

We also have lithographic printing facilities at Alpha and we pioneered the use of this technology for printing onto CDs in the UK. This process allows us to print complex, full colour photographic images onto a CD with amazing image quality.

The process requires the creation of four plates for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks using the artwork supplied. The lithographic plates are then used to create an inked image on a rubber sheet fixed onto an application cylinder. The rubber sheet is then used to transfer the inked image onto the CD or DVD disc in our fully automated litho printing press. The four different colours are applied using each plate in slightly different amounts where they mix and produce the final image. If there is any white within the final design, we lay down a white base initially before the litho print CMYK process is put into action.

Digital CD Printing

Where there is a requirement for a small batch (short run) of discs, we can also provide a digital CD printing process which applies the ink in a similar fashion to an inkjet printer to produce a fantastic quality image which we then apply a layer of clear lacquer to, to give a glossy high quality finish. This process is efficient for small batches but not so where larger quantities of CDs are involved.

CD Printing London – Comprehensive Facilities, Flexibility and High Quality

We’re proud to be able to say that we have the most comprehensive range of CD printing facilities anywhere in the UK, this gives us the ability to provide first-class, retail-quality printing for duplicated, or blank media.
Having these facilities in-house gives us an enormous amount of flexibility, so even if you only want 100 discs, you don’t have to settle for inferior print quality by taking advantage of our digital CD printing London service. Larger quantities of discs can either be screen printed or litho printed depending upon the requirements governed by the project artwork. In fact, we’re the only CD printing specialists able to provide all these services on-site.

We provide our CD printing London service to London based and UK sole traders and multi national corporations alike, whether you need 100 CDs or 100,000, we can help. Being based just outside London, we supply a large amount of companies throughout the capital every day, so, should you need a CD printing service in the London area, give Alpha a call. You’ll be surprised at how low our prices are and the speed with which we can manufacture and deliver your discs.

If you have a design idea for your CD but don’t have the graphic design team to create it for you, give one of the Alpha team a call. For a small fee, we can design your CD along with any packaging that you may require.

CD Printing London; Why not let Alpha Duplication help you create a fantastic first impression with our market leading CD reproduction and CD printing solutions?

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