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About our CD Pressing Service
CD Pressing

What is CD Pressing?

CD Pressing is the expression that you may occasionally hear used to describe the process of transferring audio, video or data files contained on a CD or DVD “Master” disc to a metal stamper. The stamper is then used in the “pressing” or replication of many copies of the master disc.

If you require a large run of several thousand CDs or more and your deadline for delivery is not too tight or at least flexible, we would then highly recommend CD pressing as a manufacturing method for your discs as a significant cost saving can be made over a large run of duplicated CDs.

CD Pressing involves a Glass Mastering process. What’s that?

Glass mastering involves transferring the data on the master disc onto a sheet of photosensitive film with a glass disc as the substrate (or base) using a laser beam recorder. The process is similar to that which takes place in a standard optical disc drive that you may find in your desktop PC but on a more accurate and finely tuned scale.

Glass is used as the substrate as it is possible to create an extremely smooth surface by polishing glass for greater manufacturing accuracy. The glass disc is then used to make an exact copy of it out of nickel; this is the stamper.

We can press all formats of CD from the stamper, including all the following:

• CD-ROM (data)
• CD-DA (audio)
• CD Extra/Enhanced CD (data & audio)
• Mini 80mm CDs
• Business card shaped CDs
• Bespoke shaped CDs

The production of the glass master and stamper is a time consuming process as accuracy is critical, which is why CD pressing lead times tend to be longer than those for the CD duplication process, but once the stamper is complete, multiple copies of the master disc can be produced very quickly making the process ideal for a music album release which is expected to be very popular or where a particular software package is expected to sell very well.

If you are in need of some more detailed information about the CD pressing process or require confirmation that this process is the most appropriate for your project, click here CD REPLICATION or CD DUPLICATION

If you’re a little unsure about whether CD pressing or CD duplicating will be best for your project, why not give a member of the Alpha team a call? We’re an enthusiastic team and we have some of the foremost industry specialists who will be pleased to advise you on which manufacturing technique is most commonly used for your type of project and whether a certain type of process would be most appropriate or more cost effective.

If you would like us to organise a comprehensive quotation for our CD pressing service, please contact our sales team now on 0800 731 7042 or just fill in the short quotation form to the right of this page and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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