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Alpha Duplication CD Mastering Service for the UK

The right CD Mastering Service is essential. When you’ve worked for months or years on your music project and have spent countless hours in the studio with your engineer on the CD mastering process, you need to be sure that final master is perfect before producing multiple copies for retail.

What is a CD Mastering service?

Whether your project is a major label release or an independent release it needs to be mastered to prepare it for radio play and retail sale. In the recording studio you will most probably have recorded each song independently, you may even have recorded them at different studios or maybe during a live set. The end result is a collection of tracks that all peak at differing levels. Your CD mastering service engineer will ensure all your tracks have a consistent sound using EQ, gain and compression. During the mastering process your engineer will also be able to increase the volume of your album, get rid of noises between tracks and employ many other tricks of the trade so that it sounds fantastic on any sound system.

Basically, a CD Mastering service is the process of putting your audio (and data files if applicable) onto a CD in the correct format and with the necessary accompanying info, so that it can be used as a master disc to produce as many copies of the disc as are required.

Once your music has the sweet clear highs and the rumbling lows that it needs to make it stand out from the crowd you can send it into Alpha Duplication for the essential finishing touches. We can apply ISRC codes and CD text to your tracks, get them into the correct order and prepare the CD master for mass duplication.

CD Mastering Service

Enhanced CDs

At Alpha Duplication, our engineers can author an Enhanced CD for your project, a process whereby audio tracks and software data are combined so that your end user can access extra data about your recording, perhaps the lyrics to your songs, bonus videos or live video recordings that can be played back on a PC.

We find that the best audio file formats for our CD mastering service are:

.wav .aiff, high bitrate .mp3 files or an audio CD

We do not recommend the use of .cda files

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