CD Label Printing vs Printable CDs

Why you shouldn’t settle for CD label printing over printable CD-Roms

You may be considering CD label printing for your CD project in an attempt to control the rising costs incurred. At first it may seem like a great idea, you can print the labels on your inkjet printer at home or in the office whenever you need them. Unfortunately CD label printing can create many problems for you later on and they are only really suitable where a CD is for very short term home use and would then be discarded. Here’s why we would never recommend CD labels:
1) They can be difficult to fix in place and you only get one chance, if you get it wrong you’re stuck
    with an off-centre or creased label.

2) They’re not waterproof, if the label comes into contact with liquid chances are it will be ruined.

3) They’re not very robust and can be easily damaged from even a slight impact.

4) If the label is applied off-centre or gets damaged this can throw out the balance of the CD when
    it is rotating in the drive and cause all sorts of problems from making the disc unreadable
    to actual damage of your hardware.
Our team here at Alpha Duplication have built up many years of expertise in providing a far superior alternative to CD label printing,  we print directly onto the CD or DVD surface using a lithographic or screen printing process.

CD Label Printing

Litho printing or screen printing directly onto the disc offers the following advantages over CD label printing:
1) An ultra high resolution printed image, perfectly positioned every time.

2) A highly resilient, waterproof finish; glossy or matt and vibrantly colourful (if required).

3) A robust and longlasting finish that doesn’t affect the usability of the disc.

4) Our turnaround times are super quick and our services are surprisingly affordable.
In fact, when you consider the time required on your part with CD label printing and the removal of potential hassle, you’ll probably even save money and end up with a very high quality end product to impress the end user.

Alpha Duplication has an extensive UK based facility dedicated to CD and DVD printing and Duplication. We also manufacture all of our high quality CD and DVD packaging in-house resulting in a highly specialist, fast and efficient resource for all of our customer’s CD printing and duplication requirements.
Our CD and DVD packaging can be designed and assembled by our multi-skilled team to suit a regular 120 mm diameter CD or DVD but if you have a need for customised CD or DVD printing for a more specific type of CD or DVD packaging design, then you need to give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgable team are experts in CD and DVD project requirements and are readily available to advise you with regards to your individual project with no obligation.
To avoid the hassle of potential problems of self adhesive CD label printing, give Alpha Duplication a call and ask for a sample pack so that you can see for yourself the superior resulting product and let us provide you with a quote for printing directly onto the disc that will surprise and delight you.