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cd production

CD Production from the UK’s largest CD duplication company

CD Production UK
At Alpha Duplication, we utilise two types of CD Production process. These two processes are CD duplication and CD replication and they are often either mixed up or are presumed to be the same thing. In actual fact, each one is a very different process from the other and here is a quick summary of the main differences.

Process 1: CD Duplication
This process of CD Production involves the procurement of blank CD-Rs (CD Recordables). The CDRs that we buy in, have a silver printing surface which can receive a direct screen or lithographic print and a silver recording surface. Read More

cd printing service

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Welcome to the UK’s Pioneering CD Printing Service

Alpha Duplication is the UK’s largest CD printing service provider and the pioneering company with regards to CD lithographic printing in the UK. We have a long standing reputation for delivering the highest quality CD printing service with quick, reliable turnaround times to companies across the UK and Worldwide.

Over our many years of operation, we have built up an enviable reputation for fast, reliable and highly professional CD printing services.

We’re proud to be able to say that we have the most comprehensive range of CD printing services anywhere in the UK, including in-house litho printing, screen printing and digital printing. This gives us the ability to provide rapid turnaround, first-class, retail-quality printing for duplicated, or blank media, in-house, without any delays. Read More

cd printing london

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CD Printing London

Alpha Duplication is the UK’s largest CD printing specialist located just outside London. We have a long standing reputation for delivering the highest quality printed CDs and packaging with quick, reliable turnaround times to companies within London, the UK and across Europe.

CD Printing London

CD Printing London – Our CD Printing Services

CD Screen Printing

We provide a range of CD printing services for our clients, whether for an individual or a multi-national business we can cater for any size of order. Read More

Disc Duplication

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Welcome to the most advanced Disc Duplication Service in the UK

Disc Duplication by Alpha Duplication

Alpha Duplication is one of the UK’s largest disc duplication companies. Our hugely experienced team have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the disc duplication industry and all its related functions. We have been steadily building up a database of delighted customers for many years whether they are individuals who need just a 100 discs or multi-national businesses that need 100,000 discs. Our finely tuned systems efficiently provide the optimum disc duplication service for orders large or small. Read More

CD Pressing

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cd pressing

About our CD Pressing Service
CD Pressing

What is CD Pressing?

CD Pressing is the expression that you may occasionally hear used to describe the process of transferring audio, video or data files contained on a CD or DVD “Master” disc to a metal stamper. The stamper is then used in the “pressing” or replication of many copies of the master disc.

If you require a large run of several thousand CDs or more and your deadline for delivery is not too tight or at least flexible, we would then highly recommend CD pressing as a manufacturing method for your discs as a significant cost saving can be made over a large run of duplicated CDs. Read More

cd mastering service

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Alpha Duplication CD Mastering Service for the UK

The right CD Mastering Service is essential. When you’ve worked for months or years on your music project and have spent countless hours in the studio with your engineer on the CD mastering process, you need to be sure that final master is perfect before producing multiple copies for retail.

What is a CD Mastering service?

Whether your project is a major label release or an independent release it needs to be mastered to prepare it for radio play and retail sale. In the recording studio you will most probably have recorded each song independently, you may even have recorded them at different studios or maybe during a live set. The end result is a collection of tracks that all peak at differing levels. Your CD mastering service engineer will ensure all your tracks have a consistent sound using EQ, gain and compression. During the mastering process your engineer will also be able to increase the volume of your album, get rid of noises between tracks and employ many other tricks of the trade so that it sounds fantastic on any sound system. Read More

DVD & Blu-ray Duplication Service

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Welcome to the UK’s Premier Blu-ray& DVD Duplication Service

Our DVD duplication service caters for duplication of all formats and sizes of DVD in any quantity.

Alpha Duplication is proud to be the market leader in DVD duplication, over the years we have built up our reputation for fast, reliable and, above all, highly professional service.

We provide a DVD duplication service for:
• Standard 12cm DVD-R
• Mini 8cm DVD-R
• Dual Layer 8.5Gb DVD+R/-R
• Copy Protected DVD+R/-R
Read More

CD Short Run

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CD Short Run

We don’t just cater for large businesses and large volume orders, our highly efficient production systems enable us to produce CD short runs in no time at all, at an affordable cost.

CD Short Run Printing – No compromise on quality
Short run CD DuplicationIf your CD project only has a requirement for a short run of CDs but you need them back super quick, then you need to take advantage of our specialist CD short run printing service. At Alpha Duplication, we are proud to have put into action one of the UK’s largest CD short run printing facilities resulting in our clients benefiting from a superior quality product whatever the order size. Read More

cd manufacturing

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cd manufacturing

Welcome to the UK’s premier CD Manufacturing Service
CD Manufacturing
CD Manufacturing UK
At Alpha Duplication, we use two methods of CD manufacturing. CD duplication and CD replication. These two terms are very often mixed up or assumed to be the same process. In fact they describe very different processes which are explained here.

Method 1: CD Duplication
This method of CD manufacturing involves buying in blank CD-Rs (CD Recordables). The CDRs that we source are silver/silver CDRs which means that both the recording and printing side of the disc are silver, the printing side is easily identified by looking at the printed codes in the centre of the disc. The discs are loaded onto spindles which are, in turn, loaded into our screen printing facility or litho printing facility for the printed image to be applied. Read More

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