Printed Power Banks

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Branded USB Power Banks provide a perfect promotional opportunity. Available in various models and styles, they can be printed with your design to promote your company.

Most of us carry mobile devices more powerful and useful than we could even imagine a few years ago. Despite incredible advances, battery life hasn’t quite managed to keep up. Power Banks are a neat solution to keep your device charged when on the go.

Get your printed Power Banks with the great service and amazing lead times
that you have come to expect from Alpha Duplication.

95mm × 62mm × 8mm
Edge-to-edge printing on both sides
Capacity: 2500mAh
96mm × 22mm × 24mm
Full colour printing
Capacity: 2200mah
125mm × 48mm × 8mm
Full colour printing
Capacity: 3600mAh
106mm × 36mm × 11mm
Full colour printing
Capacity: 2600mAh
What Capacity Do I Need?
Power Banks have capacity ratings to indicate how much power they hold. How many times you can charge a device from them will also depend on the battery size of the individual device.
e.g. The ADL-PB-015 Power Bank (capacity 3600mAh) will charge an iPhone 6 (capacity 1810mAh) twice. The ADL-PB-017 Power Bank (2600mAh) will charge it approximately 1.4 times.

Typical charging time, from zero to full power, is 2 hours.
All our Power Banks are fully RoHS and CE compliant and supplied with a 2 year warranty.

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USB Memory Sticks from just 50 units

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Printed USB Memory Stick Promo

USB Memory Stick Presentation Packages from just 50 units

4Gb Credit Card USB Memory Sticks
Printed full-colour on both sides
Packed in full-colour presentation packs
Perfect for promotional work
Data uploading available

Sample prices

Quantity Price per Unit (ex VAT)
100 £4.00
200 £3.70
500 £3.25

Twister USB Memory Sticks from just 50 units

4Gb Twister USB Memory Sticks
A choice of nine colours
Full-colour print on clip
Data uploading available

Sample prices

Quantity Price per Unit (ex VAT)
100 £2.50
200 £2.30
500 £2.05

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Great packaging from just 50 units

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Don’t get even, get Cross

• Perfect for promotional CD packs
• Beautiful full colour printing on 8 panels
• Disc pocket and tab tuck to keep your CD safely packed
• Great pricing – 100 Units + full colour CDs and UK delivery @ just £1.95 each

Get in the frame

Our CD Bolt-on Pack includes
CD text, Gracenote, ISRC codes and an exclusive Presentation Frame.
All for just £50.

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Find out about our CD duplication services and Audio Bolt-on Pack.

Vinyl Pressing

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It is an ideal time to release your music on vinyl. Records are not just back, they’re back with a vengeance. Sales are higher than they have been for over twenty years and they’re still rising!

Releasing a record doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. At Alpha Duplication, we make it easier than ever.

What’s So Special About Vinyl?

Vinyl looks, feels and sounds great
A vinyl listener is a discerning listener. They appreciate there’s something wonderful about buying records. It’s more than just nostalgia. Physical and the analogue things stand out as special in our digital age. As well as the large format artwork, a record is a beautiful object in itself. Your fans will appreciate hearing your music with the warmth that only comes from vinyl.

You’re Worth It!
You deserve to be able to make money from your music. Vinyl, alongside CDs, represent the best deal for you, the artist. Despite it’s popularity, streaming doesn’t reward the artist well. Even many well-known artists would struggle to make a living from it’s revenue alone.
You can order your 12″ albums from us for under £2.50, completely ready for sale. With an average retail price of £15, you’ll make a tidy profit on every copy sold. They look fantastic on a merch stall too!

Quantity Price Per Unit
100 £9.99
250 £4.99
500 £3.29
1,000 £2.49

Prices include:
  • Direct metal mastering
  • 10″ / 12″ 140g Black Vinyl
  • Full-colour labels
  • White inner sleeve
  • Full-colour outer sleeve

Do it for the Fans
Your fans want to support you. A vinyl record gives them a great way of doing just that. It is the ultimate piece of merchandise! Not only is it a thing of beauty, it will last and keep its value. Most of all it contains what you do best – your music.

Vinyl is the future
By releasing you music on vinyl you are in great company. It not only connects you to the earliest days of recorded music, it reaches forward to the future too. Records have been around for over a hundred years and have seen many trends come and go. While CDs and even download sales are declining, other formats are extinct.
Latest figures show vinyl sales are at a twenty-two year high and still on the rise. The last time that so many records left the shelves, Wet Wet Wet and Bon Jovi were among the biggest sellers!

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