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Media packaging, customised for you

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Media packaging, customised for you

Want the best packaging for your media but find that shopping around is full of compromises?

  • You find a great price only to lose out on quality.
  • You need a bespoke pack but not in large enough quantities to make it efficient.
  • You need a high quality product but you can’t get it done quickly enough.
  • You just want to get the job done without all these dilemmas!

At Alpha Duplication, it’s a problem that we have come up against many times. So we decided to make it a thing of the past.

Discpack90 – All the best packaging solutions, all in one place

That may be a big claim, but one we think is justified. At Alpha, we have spent the past few years building up an in-house printing and finishing facility, built specifically to cater to the flexible demands of the media industry.  The result is a vast in-house packaging range, all of which can be produced quickly, efficiently and in large or small quantities.

  • A vast range of off-the-shelf products for CD, DVD, Blu-ray and USB
  • Bespoke designs
  • Exclusive Discpack90 CD & DVD packaging range
  • All products are available to order from 50 units upwards to 1000s
  • In-house gluing & finishing including matt or gloss lamination
  • All ordered in one place & produced under one roof
  • The same high quality & fast turnarounds that you expect from Alpha Duplication

Discpack 90 range - CD packaging & DVD packaging           CD wallets, CD Rom wallets and Softpacks. Available in low volumes          CD Digipacks and DVD Digipacks. Available in low volumes.

Visit to take a look at the range. There’s photos, specifications and templates of the products, with many more to be added over the coming months.

Speed, quality, price & choice – you can have it all

Yes, you can have you cake and eat it. (There’s little point having cake otherwise).
So bookmark and make it the first place to visit next time you need media packaging – you’ll save yourself a lot of time!

EPs and Albums for Bands

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CD Printing for Bands and CD Duplication for Bands – EP’s and Albums

There is still very much a market for CD printing for bands. EP and album releases on CD are very popular even with the current dominance of the digital download of music. Many bands sell CDs and other merchandise at gigs or post them out to record companies and radio stations to promote their music.

As with all other printing projects, the CD printing for bands gets more cost effective the more you have printed. The per unit cost on a run of 1000 CDs is much less than the per unit cost on a run of 100 CDs, but you’ll have to work much harder to shift 1000 so the order quantity needs careful consideration before committing to anything.

The Alpha Duplication MOQ1 System

This is our system to assist customers with the decision of whether or not to order CDs to keep in stock, when you’re not absolutely sure if and when they’ll be sold.

Rather than ordering a large run of discs, with MOQ1 you can order discs individually.

The advantage here is that there is no waste. Rather than ordering discs based on an estimate, you can order discs from us, where you already have firm orders yourself. If you only want one, that’s fine. If you need seven, that’s OK too. If you have orders for twenty-seven then… well you get the general idea.

If your band has been around for a while and you have a back catalogue of albums, singles and EPs that you’d like to make available, our specialist CD printing for bands could be the service you need.

Getting your CDs printed

When you start to consider CD printing for bands, it will bring home to you the diversity of available CD packaging and printing options. Such as:


    • Standard CD jewel case – the regular packaging type that is most commonly seen where CDs are sold in a retail environment.


    •  CD digipacks – made from heavy card stock often with a glossy full colour digital print with a clear plastic CD holding tray glued to the inside panel.


  • CD Jakeboxes – a clever, eye-catching packaging type with a device that presents the disc to the user when the jakebox is opened.

If your project involves more than one disc, perhaps you want to include some live concert footage on a DVD for instance, the above options come in varieties that will hold multiple discs. There are a myriad of variants of these packaging types as well to consider when looking at CD printing for bands, which the team at Alpha Duplication will be more than happy to discuss with you.



Bands on a budget

If you’re just starting out in the music business and you’re looking for a company that provides CD printing for bands, unless one of your band members has recently won the lottery, you’ll be on a reasonably tight budget.

Don’t let that restrict you artistically with your CD artwork and CD packaging artwork because there are a few tricks and tactics that you can use to get an amazing end product without having to fork out too much cash.

Go for a 1 or 2 colour screen print for your CDs

Firstly, if you’re only going for a small batch of CDs, perhaps 100 or 200 discs, when you’re designing your artwork for the disc, produce an eye-catching final design that uses only 1 or 2 block colours onto a silver disc. Consider your CD collection, we’ll bet there are some really wicked looking discs in there using this technique. The fact is, it works out cheaper than getting a full colour photographic type image printed on to your disc. Block colours use the CD screen printing technique, 1 or 2 colours only requires 1 or 2 screens and 1 or 2 ink colours which is cheaper than getting a lithographic plate made for a full colour design.

Low cost packaging options

If you don’t desperately need the full on CD jewel cases then you could go for a full colour digitally printed card wallet instead, to keep the cost down. Also, slimline jewel cases only need a paper insert in the front which reduces your printing costs.

If you absolutely have to go for CD jewel cases try accommodating your design to suit a black or white CD holding tray that way you only need to print on one side of the rear tray insert. With regards to the front booklet, try and organise your information so that it fits onto as few pages as possible. These considerations will save you money on your CD printing for bands.

If you intend to mail out a lot of your CDs, you could also go for the plastic wallet option with a printed card insert to keep the packaging and post costs to a minimum.


Call the team at Alpha Duplication today

Give the team at Alpha Duplication a buzz on 0800 731 7042 if you’d like to speak to us about any of the information above. We’ll be more than happy to help out with CD printing for bands, whether you’re well established or just starting out. Whatever the order size, you can expect maximum customer care.


What’s New for 2013

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Can you believe we’re almost through January already? Aside from the last few Quality Streets in the bottom of the tin, Christmas already seems but a distant memory.

It’s a still time of looking ahead however and 2013 already has plenty to look forward to. Here’s a sneaky-peak at just a few things that will be happening at Alpha over the coming year.


Screen printed CD 2013

MOQ1- Manufacturing on demand

MOQ1 is our new system to help you with the age-old dilemma of whether to order extra discs to hold in stock, not knowing if and when they’ll be used.

Instead of ordering discs in bulk, with MOQ1 you will be able to order discs individually.

The beauty is that there is no waste. Instead of ordering discs based on your best guess, you can do so based on what you know you already have orders for. If you need a single disc we’ll produce just one. If you need five, then five will be produced. If you need twenty-seven then… well you get the idea.

We think this will be a boon for many of our customers. If you have a back catalogue of titles to make available, this could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.


Digital Downloads

Another innovation that we’re very excited about is our new online storage and digital download facility. Alongside your CD & DVD production, we are now able to take your video or audio content and make it available online.

What’s really great about this solution is that it’s completely customisable. Your content can be made available as licensed or time-limited rental versions, even as an app for smartphones. We’re also able to create a personalised store front to allow your customers to download the format of their choice or order their CDs or DVDs from a single place.

We see this as a really good compliment to your DVD & CD production, giving you more avenues for the distribution of your content, with the minimum of hassle.


Printing Developments

We have always prided ourselves on making the widest range of quality packaging open to you. Last year saw this range increase dramatically and in 2013 it will expand even further to include many more styles and finishes.

Shortly we’ll be launching DP90, a new range of DVD & CD packaging, available in a selection of configurations. Our in-house facilities allow us to competitively produce large or small quantities of products such as this, without ever compromising the quality of the product.

We’ll also be updating our website to reflect these new ranges, and to help you browse and find the packaging that best fits your needs.


Over To You

We’re currently in the process of gathering feedback for our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, our yearly equivalent to a ‘How’s My Driving’ sticker.

We were delighted with last year’s response & the results were very positive. It also gave us invaluable information about our performance as a company; the things we were getting right, and arguably more importantly, the areas that we could improve. We’ve taken on board all the comments & we hope that it has been of benefit to you too.

This year we’re again contacting a random selection of customers who have placed orders in the past year. If that includes you, we may well be in touch! If you didn’t get picked we always appreciate any feedback (good or bad!). Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Remember you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments at Alpha on Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

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We often receive kind comments from our customers about our DVD and CD duplication, disc printing and packaging services.  We really appreciate it and knowing that you get the good service you deserve is important to us.

However, we are continually striving to improve the services and products that our customers receive. Towards the end of last year, we surveyed a sample of our customers to see how we’re getting on and to find out if there are any areas in which we need to pull up our proverbial socks. As you can see from the quotes below, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


While we’re delighted and more than a little flattered, we’re by no means claiming to be perfect and we have already put in place measures to improve certain areas based on the feedback from the survey. As an ISO9001 accredited company, improvement is not just part of our ethos; it is built into the structure of the company. It is also a continual process, so if you have any comments that you think will help to improve our service, please get in touch.

You can see the full results of the survey here.

Cassette Tape Cut From Dictionary

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Who else remembers Sunday evenings listening to the Top Forty with your fingers hovering over the play and record buttons waiting for your favourite song to come on? And then the crushing disappointment as Bruno Brooks talks all over the intro?

It’s time to get a bit wistful as we pause for a few thoughts about the the dear old cassette.

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced it is getting rid of the term “cassette tape” from its Concise Edition, to make room for a number of young thrusting words like ‘re-tweet’ and ‘cyberbullying’. Although not officially pronounced dead, you get the feeling that this is a move to a home with nice nurses from which there is no return.

Of course it would be discourteous to say it in their presence but it was common knowledge that they were a bit rubbish. The sound quality was at best poor (even with the Dolby Digital Stereo button pressed down), you couldn’t skip easily to the next track without an earful of screechy noises and they had a nasty habit of getting chewed up and ruining car stereos.

You always got the impression they were aware of their flaws and never felt the need to apologise or to pretend otherwise.  Surely that’s something to be respected in a media format.


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Jakebox is a patented and award-winning eco friendly packaging concept for CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other discs.

Its distinctive design features a folded “claw” that holds the disc. Upon opening the pack, the claw unfolds to present the disc, lifting it up and making it easily accessible.

Commercial releases have proved to sell better when sold in JakeBoxes instead of ordinary packages. Side by side with a jewelcase version, the JakeBox version has sold better, despite a higher price.

It’s as eco friendly as it gets:

  • Made of 100% recyclable or even recycled carton board or paper, and always printed with vegetable inks.
  • Weighs a third of traditional plastic packaging, thereby cutting shipping and storage costs, and it doesn’t break if you drop it.
  • It offers unlimited design options, and also comes in a range of unprinted or generic printed versions.


New Packaging Options

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As part of our commitment to offer our customers the widest possible range of packaging, we have once more expanded our in-house printing facilities.

We’ve been very happy, as we hope you have been, with the quality of our in-house digital print. This has now been extended to include card wallets and custom card packaging.

We’ve recently taken delivery of two rather large (but speedy) pieces of equipment; a die-cutter and a gluing machine.

Together with our digital printer (and a little bit of help from our print staff) these two burly machines are producing packaging that we’re proud to be associated with.

So whether you have an idea for your packaging that has yet to be realised, or are in need of fresh ideas, give us a call. We’ll only be too pleased to help.

To get your hands on some samples of our existing work, drop us a line and we’ll get some sent straight out to you.

CD Duplication Myths

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CD duplication is effective and versatile but there are few misconceptions.

CD Duplication Myth 1.
Duplicated CD-Rs don’t look as good as replicated CDs.

One of the great strengths of CD-R recordable media is it’s versatility. Discs can be created within the home or office environment. CD duplication is an effective way of reproducing many copies of a disc.

Nowadays printable CD-Rs are available from High Street stores. Printing on discs in this way is useful when frequently producing very small quantities of discs. With the right printer the quality can be very good. We even offer digitally printed discs for our customers in some instances. We do advise, however, that a digitally printed disc does not have a professional retail-quality finish.

Here at Alpha, we’re the only CD duplication company in the UK with screen and litho printing facilities in-house. This allows us to offer professional-looking discs on any volume.  We also duplicate on silver-backed media rather than the more common green coloured discs. The only difference that you will see between a duplicated and a replicated CD is a faint line on the reverse of the disc.

Take a look at our CD printing for yourself over on our disc printing gallery pages.

CD Duplication Myth 2.
Duplicated CDs have compatibility problems.

When CD players first became available in the eighties, they were designed to play replicated CDs. As a result of this, some players made before this change may have difficulty playing CD-Rs. CD players manufactured since the mid-nineties play CD-Rs just as well as pressed CDs.

CD Duplication Myth 3.
Duplicated CDs are not suitable for retail.

Although historically discs sold by retail were replicated, this is no longer necessarily the case.  With advances in compatibility and printing, the finished product is virtually the same however it is manufactured.

What is essential is that your product is professional enough for people to be willing to pay for. It also needs to live up to that expectation when they get it home.

Nowadays CD-R media is just as acceptable as pressed media in retail environments. If you are selling your discs via one of the High Street giants you will producing large volumes of discs. In these instances it would make sense to replicate rather than duplicate your CDs.  We can help you with that too.

recordable cd duplication

CD Duplication vs CD Replication

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Unless you’re already in the know, the meaning of the terms ‘CD duplication’ and ‘CD replication’ appear to be the same. In the world of CD manufacturing they are two distinct processes that are used to make multiple copies of discs.

Depending on the quantity of discs that that you need, how your discs will be used and the size of your budget, either CD duplication or CD replication is an option.  Each has it’s own advantages and each is better suited for certain applications.  We’re more than happy to advise you which we feel will be best for you project.

Here’s a short explanation of both CD replication and CD duplication and the differences and similarities between them.


CD Replication

When the compact disc was first introduced in the early eighties, it was exclusively an audio format and promoted as successor of the vinyl record as means of mass manufacture and distribution of music.

The process in which these discs were produced is known as CD replication.  The data is stored on a thin layer of injection moulded plastic called polycarbonate.  This is then metalised, giving it its reflective surface.  The whole disc is then encased in a transparent lacquer.  This process is also known as CD pressing.

CD Duplication

Compact Disc Recordable, or CD-Rs were developed a few years later than the original CDs and their primary use was for the computer user to store or back-up data.  In this way they were a successor to the floppy disc. They also had the advantage of being compatible and therefore had the added use of being a music format.

Rather than the data molded onto the disc at the time of manufacture, a thin layer of dye polycarbonate disc is coated with a thin layer of organic dye. The data is then ‘burnt’ to the layer by laser using a CD-R writer.

Of course CD-Rs are also mass produced in a factory, but unlike pressed CDs, the data is not added at this stage. Instead the polycarbonate disc is coated with a very thin layer of organic dye. The data can then be ‘burnt’ to the layer by laser using a CD-R writer.

CD Duplication vs CD Replication – How They Play

Replicated and duplicated CDs are read in exactly the same way by a CD player.  As the disc rotates a laser reads which parts are reflective or unreflective and interprets the data.  On a replicated CD, these areas are known as pits and are tiny indentation in the polycarbonate layer of the disc.  On a duplicated CD, the parts that have been burned by the laser in the  CD writer serve the same purpose as the pits.

Although original CD players were designed to read replicated rather than CD-R media, CD players manufactured since early nineties have been designed to play either.

Regardless of whether we replicate or duplicate your CDs, we guarantee high quality, faultless discs.

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