Following on from our successful CD & DVD authoring services, Alpha Duplication offer a full range of Blu-ray authoring services. Using Hollywood standard software such as Sonic Scenarist, Cinevision Encoder, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe After Effects, we are able to provide you with a HD master that is duplication or replication ready.

These services are completely in-house, making it possible for you to couple your authoring needs with disc printing, packaging and fulfilment options, saving you time AND money!

Fully Equipped for Blu-ray Authoring

After receiving an authoring brief, we collect all assets needed for disc creation. Menus are created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe AfterEffects. Video assets are either loaded from external hard drive or captured via HDMI. Once the footage is brought in, all video assets are encoded using CineVision. This is a Hollywood-level product capable of producing results that will impress! After encoding, menus, video, audio and subtitles (if applicable) are combined using Sonic Scenarist. At this time, menu animations and pop-up menu functionality is added, if required.

We can accept footage in DigiBeta, DV-Cam, Mini DV-Cam, uncompressed video such as .avi & .mov files. DVD ready (pre-encoded) .m2v & .wav files are also acceptable. It may be possible to work with other formats such as a pre-authored DVD, compressed video – mpeg-1 files, but quality is not guaranteed and authoring time may be longer than quoted.

Thinking Outside the Box

Blu-ray isn’t just for the latest blockbuster to come out. As time goes on, we’re seeing more and more interesting and creative projects for this new format.

  • One example of a simple, but effective Blu-ray disc we did was for a company that needed a showreel for an exhibition. All they wanted was some HD footage over a couple of looping animations. They had implemented that same idea on DVD and said that the High Definition version brought more people in initially to see the sharpness of the video, but stayed and eventually bought from this company!
  • On the other side of the coin, the Blu-ray spec allows for some pretty fun & complex user interactions. Because there is the ability to have full-colour, interactive menus on top of full HD video, it’s a great platform for corporate training videos. You can have ‘Quiz Questions’ after each chapter, or a business presentation that features a speaker and then overlayed with financial charts and graphs.

A good analogy is to think of what you have seen on a Flash website. Navigation, simple animations background images and video… Give us a call to discuss any other ideas you may have!

Remember that we’re a duplicator,
so we can provide quantities from one to one million copies!

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