DVD Duplication London

Industry leading DVD duplication covering London and the UK

Alpha Duplication has one of the most extensive, state of the art DVD duplication facilities in the UK based just on the outskirts of London. We are incredibly proud of our cast iron reputation for repeatedly delivering an exceptionally high quality DVD duplication service with impressively speedy lead-times to clients within London, the UK and all over the world. If you work for or run a London based company, whatever size your order may be and if you need your DVDs back quickly, then rely on our DVD duplication London service.

We provide:

• Standard 12cm DVD-R Duplication
• Mini 8cm DVD-R Duplication
• Business Card DVD-R Duplication
• Custom Shaped DVD-R Duplication

DVD Duplication London

We’re very proud of our comprehensive UK DVD duplication facility and the team of experts that make it all work. Our ongoing investment in our duplication facility allows us to provide snappy turnaround times, it’s not unusual for us to print, duplicate and assemble into packaging 10,000 DVDs in a day.

All of our printing, DVD duplication and packaging facilities are on the same site which gives us a fantastic degree of flexibility, so should you only need 100 DVDs, you will not have to settle for an inferior service and you can benefit from the same quick turnaround as our customers placing larger orders with us.


The Alpha Duplication DVD duplication room houses some of the UK’s most technologically advanced duplication equipment. By strictly adhering to high quality standards and focusing on maximum efficiency, even though the duplication equipment investment is substantial, it enables us to very quickly turn around DVD duplication London jobs however large the order, resulting in happy customers and through that, a large volume of business.

The DVD duplication process makes use of the best quality DVDRs (DVD Recordables) which are produced with a printable layer on one side and a “write once” recordable surface on the other side. The blank DVDs are screen, litho or digitally printed before duplication, if required, and are then stored on spindles which are taken to the duplication room.

The DVD duplication is performed using duplication towers which are specially built units containing a bank of optical DVD burning drives similar to the optical drives found in desktop PCs. The drives contain a laser which is used to burn the video or data information into the recordable side of the DVDs.

By joining together a large quantity of DVD duplication towers, we can complete extensive jobs very rapidly. The group of towers to be used to duplicate the correct number of DVDs are then automatically loaded by use of robotic arms which select the DVDs from the spindle and quickly load them into the open drive trays with great precision. The robotic arm uses vacuum cups to grip the discs to remove the potential for marking of the printed DVD surface.

The DVD duplication towers are all patched in to a central master controller unit. This control unit contains the master disc holding the data for duplication onto all the pre-printed DVDs. Before the duplication run commences, the master DVD is comprehensively error checked and each duplicate DVD is also automatically error checked during the process so that there are no defective DVD duplicates in the final delivery.

After the DVD duplication process is finished, the duplicated DVDs are transferred from the optical drive bays using the automated robotic arm system and placed in stacks back onto the spindles for removal to our in-house packaging department.

Providing our DVD Duplication London Service to London area clients

We supply our DVD duplication London service to individuals and large corporations alike, however many DVDs you may need, we can assist. Being positioned just outside London, we supply many companies all over the capital every day, so, should you require a DVD duplication London service, contact the team at Alpha Duplication. You’ll be amazed at how affordable our prices are and the speed with which we can duplicate and deliver your DVD project back to you.
For all of our duplicated DVDs, we can supply a fantastic range of printed parts and packaging such as booklets, card wallets, cases and digipacks. For a no obligation quotation for DVD duplication London, simply complete our quick quote form on the right hand side of this page.