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dvd duplication

Duplicate and replicate DVDs in any quantity and size

dvd duplication

DVD Duplication – video on demand!

If you only need a short run of DVDs or if you need your DVDs back in a hurry, then we recommend our premium DVD duplication service. We have one of the UK’s largest DVD duplication facilities which means that our clients benefit from express lead times at no additional cost and without compromising on end product quality.


We duplicate:

  • Standard 12cm DVD-R
  • Mini 8cm DVD-R
  • Dual Layer 8.5Gb DVD+R/-R
  • Copy Protected DVD+R/-R

The DVD Duplication Procedure

DVD duplication is carried out using DVD-Rs (DVD recordables) which are sourced as blank DVDs with a purple die colouring the recordable side of the disc. At Alpha Duplication we have a fully automated duplication suite where we can duplicate many thousands of DVDs very quickly.


The suite houses state of the art duplication towers which are built using optical drives similar to the units found in many desktop PCs. These drives can be linked to a master duplication unit which contains the master DVD which is to be copied onto the blank discs.


Loading and unloading of the DVDs is performed by mechanical robot arms which move the blank DVDs from a stack on a spindle to the optical drive trays. The discs are lifted using precision suction pads which gently but securely transport the DVDs eliminating the possibility of damage to the discs which will most likely have been printed beforehand.


A laser in the optical drive burns tiny “pits” into the dyed recordable layer of the DVD-Rs as the master information is transferred onto them. These “pits” are then interpreted by the DVD reading drive in a PC, laptop or stand-alone player, as movie or data files.


DVD Duplication Copy Protection

Unique to Alpha’s DVD Duplication service is ALPHA:Protect-R copy protection for DVD-R/+R video. We can turn your standard DVD video into a robust copy protected version stopping unauthorised copies being made and thus safeguarding your revenue stream. Click to learn more about ALPHA:Protect-R and info on how to get YOUR disc protected for free!


To enquire about our DVD duplication options or to discuss your project with one of our team of friendly industry experts, please call 0800 731 7042. If you need a quick quote for your project you can fill in the form on the right hand side of this page or follow the link below.


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