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Alpha Duplication provides a comprehensive range of USB flash drives and cards in various styles, colours and capacities

USB Duplication -Your PC in your pocket!

USB Flash drives (or memory sticks) are ideal for today’s multimedia requirements. You may very well find yourself in a position where the data you need to get in front of your clients or colleagues won’t fit onto a DVD, as HD movie files and feature rich presentation files can often push your data size over 4.5 GB. USB Memory sticks also have dozens of practical uses and applications and are one of the simplest ways to carry large amounts of data securely.

With increasing numbers of consumers choosing to use netbooks, which are too small to accommodate a DVD drive, and the practicality of being able to carry a USB memory stick on a key-ring or safely in a small pocket, we have seen a significant increase in the number of clients opting to use USB memory sticks instead of DVDs in their projects.

usb duplication

We have a wide range of USB printing and engraving techniques available on site used to brand your USB drive including:

  • Screen Printing for 1 to 4 spot/PMS colours
  • Photo Printing for CMYK images finished with a resin dome
  • Laser & Diamond engraving for solid or fine line logos

On-site USB printing and USB duplication means short lead times for usb memory sticks

Lead times for USB printing and duplication have traditionally been long due to orders having to be sourced from the far east. Our ability to print onto USB memory sticks and carry out USB duplication on-site, allows us to dramatically cut the lead time for small or large orders.

We can supply your branded USB flash drives with or without USB duplication and most drives are available with memory capacities from 32Mb up to 64Gb.

How do we carry out USB memory stick printing?

The majority of USB printing is done at factories in the Far East which means that sourcing lead times have, in the past, been many weeks rather than a few days. We carry out USB memory stick printing on-site using memory sticks that we keep in stock, dramatically reducing supply lead times. Using specially designed jigs, the USB memory sticks are held in place and are printed using our existing ultra high tech screen printing machines. We can apply 4 different colours to make up the logo or artwork design, each colour being applied at a separate station on the rotating platform of the machine. As each colour ink is applied and the platform revolves, the USB stick passes under an ultra-violet curing lamp which sets and hardens each colour as it is applied.

The result is a bright, vibrant and hard wearing print that looks great and is long lasting. Many USB sticks are carried around on keyrings or in pockets so the print needs to be robust.

How do we carry out USB memory stick duplication?

USB duplication is also carried out in-house at Alpha Duplication. We have a USB duplication area in our duplication suite housing a bank of USB duplicators enabling us to transfer data to hundreds or even thousands of USB memory sticks, very quickly. The master data is loaded to the control unit and the USB duplication stations are “daisy chained” to the control unit. The data can then be transferred to all the blank USB sticks simultaneously, with data transfer time being governed by the data file size. Our equipment utilises the USB 3.0 data transfer standard which is capable of speeds between 4 and 5 Gbits per second.

Coupled with our in-house printing, our ability to mass duplicate many USB memory sticks contributes to our super fast job turnaround times.
As well as USB duplication, we also offer Autorun functions and file locking if required and if you want to buy a USB Drive duplicator we can source one of those for you too.

Alternatively, for an up-to-date USB duplication or branding print quote, please call us on 0800 731 7042 or click to send us an email.

The team at Alpha Duplication will be more than happy to talk you through the different ranges and styles of promotional USB sticks available for your USB duplication project so that we can pinpoint the correct type of USB memory stick to make the most of your branding requirements and ensure the user experience that is most beneficial to your project.