blu-ray duplication

We are leading the way with our Blu-ray duplication & replication services

blu-ray duplication – hi-definition, low quantity!

At Alpha Duplication, our state of the art duplication department provides a comprehensive Blu-ray duplication service for 25Gb BD-R media. We use the very latest high end Pioneer recorders and exclusively Grade A media from manufacturers such as FTI. Your Blu-ray discs will have the highest compatibility rating in the industry.
Our Blu-ray duplication process is efficient and affordable whether it’s for a short run production when you need just a few copies, or a large run of a few thousand copies.

Avoiding the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) minefield

Using BD-R media you can eliminate AACS complications associated with full scale replication which means you can get your product into the retail environment faster and at lower cost.
Find out more about the Advanced Access Content System here.

High Quality In, High Quality Out

At Alpha Duplication, we only use the highest quality CDs & DVDs and this continues into the BD-R discs we use for duplication. We exclusively use TDK discs for Blu-ray duplication at Alpha Duplication as, in testing, these Blu-ray DVDs have been demonstrated to be the most reliable on the market.
The diagram below shows a TDK disc (blue line) compared with the more commercial Ritek disc when tested on a variety of Blu-ray DVD drives. The TDK disc has between two and three times less errors than the Ritek disc. Unlike many other brands of Blu-ray DVD, TDK discs have an alloy, rather than organic dyed recording layer, which allows for much better preservation of the data burnt to the disc (See “Inorganic type” diagram below). The organic dyed layer is photosensitive and in lab testing has been known to break down when exposed to UV and sunlight.
Blu-ray duplication

How does the Blu-ray duplication process work?

Our blu-ray duplication suite houses duplication towers that are exclusively configured to duplicate Blu-ray DVD discs. Depending upon the order size, the required number of towers are linked together and are controlled by a master drive. The mastered Blu-ray DVD is loaded into this master drive and the information contained is transferred to blank Blu-ray DVDs which are loaded into the tower drives. The whole process is automated, with robotic arms set up to load and unload the Blu-ray DVDs. This eliminates any possible damage to the printed surface of the Blu-ray DVD during handling.
A regular DVD optical drive uses a 650 nm red laser to read the disc, Blu-ray DVD optical drives use a 405 nm “blue” laser diode. The “blue” laser has a much shorter wavelength and so can be focused to a much smaller point. This enables the drive to read data recorded in “pits” in the recordable Blu-ray DVD disc surface that are about 20% of the size of those on a regular DVD. This allows a Blu-ray DVD Disc to contain around five times the volume of data that can be recorded onto a standard DVD.
As well as these optical improvements, Blu-ray DVD Discs feature advanced data encoding that allows for further increases in the data volume contained.

Blu-ray Replication – The Ultimate Optical Disc!

This process is available for any quantity of Blu-ray DVDs, but is more economical for larger runs of 1000 plus Blu-ray DVDs, we can press, print and pack your discs ready for retail and support your project fully, throughout the process.
With Blu-ray media, there are various issues, both in manufacturing and licensing, that need to be understood in order to get the most out of your Blu-ray DVDs. As mentioned above, we can assist with AACS content protection and licensing as well as helping to create the master disc and encryption keys that will be required. In order to put you in a stronger position with regards to understanding Blu-ray DVD duplication and replication, we’ve compiled some technical information which you can download here Blu-ray duplication technical info.
Once your discs are pressed we can handle all of your printing and packaging requirements as you would expect.
We also offer BD-r authoring from your HD footage, so if you need help progressing from DVD to the very latest in High Definition optical disc production, please call 0800 731 7042 or e-mail us at for further details and pricing.