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cd replication

Welcome to the UK’s premier CD Replication Service
If your CDs are intended for a mass retail environment and you require thousands, tens or even hundreds of thousands of discs, then we would advise you to take full advantage of our CD replication service. We can replicate all available formats of CD as follows:

• CD-ROM (data)
• CD-DA (audio)
• CD Extra/Enhanced CD (data & audio)
• Mini 80mm CDs
• Business card CDs
• Bespoke Shaped CDs

CD Replication involves producing a glass master “template” from the audio or data master files to be replicated on all discs. The glass master is coated with a thin polymer layer and a laser beam is focused upon this layer which absorbs laser energy aimed at a precise spot; this vapourises the polymer and forms a pit in the surface of the polymer. These pits are the physical interpretation of the audio data or software data of the master recording.

The glass master then needs to be baked to harden the polymer layer and prepare it for the metalisation process. The metalisation process sees the glass master electroplated using nickel and the result is effectively a negative of the final injection moulded CD. The glass master is used to “stamp” tiny pits into the reflective (aluminium) surface bonded to the polycarbonate material used in the injection moulding process, to produce a precise positive copy of the master.

The whole production process is complicated and very time consuming and requires very high clean room standards and degrees of tolerance. Consequently, the CD replication process invariably takes longer than the disc duplication process which in turn increases lead times but, once a glass master is produced, many copies can be made very quickly and cheaply which tends to lower the overall production cost thus saving money on large cd replication runs.

Alpha Duplication has an unrivalled reputation for delivering the highest quality CD replication service for the UK and worldwide with ultra reliable turnaround times. We are the UK’s largest CD specialist and our comprehensive range of printing and packaging options can satisfy whatever requirements you may have.

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