CD Jewel Case Insert Printing

CD Jewel Case insert printing

Planning Your Jewel Case Printing

At Alpha Duplication, we have an extensive, in-house printing facility specialising in printing paper parts for your CD project whatever type of packaging you are using.

CD Jewel case insert printing is something we carry out thousands of times a day, every day but if you’re not familiar with the options and requirements involved then please refer to the information below or feel free to call our team for further information.

CD Jewel Case Insert Printing

CD Jewel Case Options

There are 4 main options to consider, the slimline jewel case with a 5.2mm wide spine, a standard jewel case (just like the type you would buy in a retail store), a super jewel case with curved corners and a locking feature and a multi disc jewel case capable of accommodating 2 or more CDs. Of these varieties, the super jewel case is the only one with slightly different sized paper insert from the others.

The slimline, standard and double jewel cases will all accommodate a front booklet usually consisting of 16 or less printed pages (or panels as many in the industry refer to them). They are available with more pages (in multiples of four) but you need to be sure that the booklet will fit into your case. You may find that you need a specially designed case to accept more than 16 page booklets.

The standard and multi disc cases also have a CD tray insert that fits behind the CD tray. This can be printed on both sides, if you have a clear CD tray, and has a perforated section on each side which folds up to form the information that is to be displayed on the spine of the jewel case.

The super jewel case accommodates a front insert or booklet and a CD tray insert but they are a different size from the standard jewel case paper parts and so have a different template.

Template Specifications

Click the following link to download CD Jewel Case insert printing templates from our website. These contain all the information required by us, when producing artwork for your project, that we will need to carry out the printing, such as bleed requirement and image resolutions.

Our In-house Artwork Team

If you don’t have the time or software necessary to produce artwork for your CD Jewel Case insert printing project, then please call our team of experts who will be only too happy to quickly and efficiently produce your artwork by working closely with you to provide exactly what you want to see in the correct format for printing
with our system.

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