CD Duplication

All formats and sizes of CD, in any quantity

Our company name says it all, really. CD duplication is right at the heart of our business. We’ve been carrying out CD Duplication for much longer than most and our extensive industry experience and pioneering activity means that we know the ins and outs better than anyone. Over that time, we’ve built up an enviable reputation for fast, reliable and, above all, high quality service.

We carry out CD duplication for:

  • Standard 12cm CD-R
  • Mini 8cm CD-R

Your Flexible Friends in CD Duplication

Our customers are extremely important to us, so we make it our mission to go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want, every time, from your CD duplication project.

If you need CDs faster than our standard turnaround, just ask; anything we can do to get them to you quicker, we’ll do. If your CD needs to match a certain colour, send us a colour match sample and we’ll match it. If your CD duplication project needs packaging customised exactly to your specifications, we can do that too.

Always an express service

Imminent exhibitions, release dates, fast approaching deadlines; whatever the reason, time pressures are never far away. With some of the speediest turnarounds for CD duplication in the industry, we can help to take away some of that pressure.
Our standard turnaround for CD duplication is an amazing three to five days. That includes everything from the printing of the discs and packaging to assembly and getting them ready for despatch.

Quality CD Duplication that you can rely on

It goes without saying that with CD duplication, quality is everything. It’s absolutely essential that you can rely on your discs to play perfectly every time. We use only the highest grade media, the best equipment available and operate a thorough quality control system to ensure your peace of mind. Every CD duplication project that we do is backed up by ISO9001 accredited quality systems.
Our CD duplication facility is among the most sophisticated in the UK. We use the highest quality, cutting edge duplication equipment which is constantly updated to ensure we remain at the forefront of the CD duplication industry. We also source the highest quality CDRs (CD Recordables) to ensure that we can supply the best possible end product to our customers, at the most affordable rate.

CD Duplication – How do we do it?

The CD duplication process is carried out using CD duplication towers. Our duplication suite contains many such towers and each tower can contain a bank of up to 15 separate CD duplication drives which are similar to the units found in a desktop PC.
Depending upon the particulars of the job, we can link as many or as few towers together as is required. A large order or an urgent short run might see many towers linked to one master control unit. The master unit is loaded with the mastered CD which is to be used to create exact copies on multiple CDRs.
The CD duplication drives are automatically loaded and unloaded using robotic arms which transfer blank CDRs to the drives from one spindle and, on completion of the job, transfer the finished CDR onto a second spindle at each tower station. The drives use a laser to burn the required information into the recordable surface of the CDR.
The fully automated system enables us to maintain a consistently fast throughput of CDRs and eliminate the risk of marking of the printed CD surface as each disc is handled using vacuum cups incorporated into the robotic arm handling mechanism.

Why use CD duplication and not CD replication?

When CDs were first developed back in the eighties, they were manufactured by the thousand in a small handful of pressing, or replication plants. It was primarily an audio format.
In the early nineties, the CD-R was developed. Its great advantage was that it allowed the home or small business user to use CD duplication to record or ‘burn’ their own discs. These could be done individually, or in small quantities which was not economically viable for a CD pressing plant. The only disadvantage of CD duplication at this time, was that by relying on labels or inkjet printing, they tended to lack the professional look of their factory produced counterparts.
Alpha Duplication were the first company in the UK to be able to litho print and screen print recordable media, giving our customers all the advantages and flexibility of disc duplication but with the professional finish of pressed media.
The CD duplication process using CDRs, doesn’t have the large initial cost of producing a “glass master” as required by the replication process. This means that the cost for a few hundred copies of a CD, can be kept to an affordable level. Replication becomes economically viable when the required quantity runs into the thousands due to the fast speed of the process.
Both CD duplication and replication are available today for CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. As each method has clear advantages, we are able to use either, depending on which best suits your project and its particular requirements.
Coupled with our super-fast CD burning service we have a range of on-body printing options to ensure your disc looks as good as it plays.

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