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CD Duplicating is our speciality, pure and simple. The vastly experienced team at Alpha Duplication is constantly striving to supply the most efficient, streamlined and cost effective CD duplicating service both nationally and internationally; we’re also constantly developing new techniques to keep our business one step ahead of the competition.

CD Duplicating – The Processes

There are two widely used methods of CD reproduction and these are CD replicating and CD duplicating.

CD Duplicating

CD duplicating is the process whereby high quality CDRs (Compact Disc Recordables) are loaded into a bank of CD writers using robotic arms which are part of a fully automated system. They use vacuum cups to pick and place the discs from and back to waiting spindles to eliminate the possibility of damage to the printed disc surface through manual handling and to greatly increase the speed of loading and unloading the drives.

The CD drives are much the same as the optical CD reader/writer in your desktop PC, the information is “burnt” onto the disc using a laser unit. The CD duplicating “towers” all have a master control unit into which the CD master copy is loaded, the control unit is then programmed to transfer the data on the master CD onto each of the blank CDRs, simultaneously.

The process is repeated until the required number of discs have been duplicated. Using this method hundreds, or thousands of copies of your CD master can be produced very quickly and efficiently.

CD Duplicating Service

CD Replicating

CD replicating is a very different process from duplicating. The CD replicating process involves the production of a “glass master” disc which is used as a template to produce exact copies using a plastic moulding machine to individually mould each disc. This process has much higher set up costs than CD duplicating, but where large numbers of discs are involved it can be more cost effective due to the lower cost of producing each copy.

Quality Control at Alpha Duplication

We take quality very seriously at Alpha Duplication, whether it’s the quality of our CD duplicating process, our CD printing or packaging processes or our customer service quality. We hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate and have members of staff in each department who hold professional quality systems qualifications. Our systems are under constant review to ensure that we are always working efficiently and maintaining our high standards.

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