While we take pride in all the DVDs that we duplicate and print at Alpha, there are some projects that make us puff out our chest that bit further. This is certainly the case with the discs we have recently produced for a charity called Walk of Smiles.

We’re no strangers to fundraising ourselves, you can often find us baking cakes, running obscenely long distances (man those blisters hurt), dressing up in garish garb (any excuse), or zooming downhill in a pimped up fluorescent air-horn sporting go-kart, but every so often we meet someone who has gone to extraordinary lengths for charity – and to them we take our hat off!

The ‘someone’ we speak of is the inimitable 12-year-old Bethany Hare, who received global media attention two years ago when she made a short Charlie Chaplin style fundraising film in which she sang the song ‘Smile’.

On the 10th Sept 2011, and in just six weeks (we’d imagine some people couldn’t organise the opening of an envelope in that time), Bethany organised a fundraising event called the ‘Walk Of Smiles’ in aid of Martin House, a hospice to help children with life limiting illnesses. The original fundraising target of £5,500 was blown out of the water, and the final figure was a massive £18,000. Not bad for her first charity event!

After this success, Bethany felt so impassioned that she set up her own charity; ‘Bethany Hare’s Smile Foundation’.  The charity will carry on the good work of raising money to support children with life limiting illnesses (like those at Martin House Children’s Hospice).

Bethany’s mum approached us here at Alpha Duplication to help design, produce and duplicate some DVDs for the newly established ‘Bethany Hare’s Smile Foundation’. Over the past few weeks, working closely with Bethany and her mum, and designed, printed and duplicated promotional DVDs in house at absolutely no cost to the charity. We will be eager to see the DVDs being put to good use by promoting Bethany’s charity and encouraging support for their latest fundraising venture; ‘The Walk Of Smiles’.  The walk will take place in York on the 19th May 2012, fittingly during Children’s Hospice Week.

We find Bethany pretty darn inspiring, and we feel sure that this charismatic little girl will encourage companies and individuals alike to support the Bethany’s Smile Foundation – well, it worked on us!

We are also pleased (and proud) to note that Bethany’s sterling fundraising efforts have not gone unnoticed. Bethany has been awarded Just Giving’s Young Fundraiser of the Year, Kids Count UK’s Most Inspirational Young Person, The British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Award for Humanitarian Action in Fundraising, and last month Bethany received the Princess Diana Champion Fundraiser award.  Phew! All that after a day at school and double maths homework.

You can view the original ‘Smile’ video or make a donation to her wonderful charity, via her Just Giving page.



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